MazerRun : Payday A Fast Paced Heist Game

How Much Can You Steal?

Mazer Run : Payday is a fast-paced heist game in our nearly 800 sqft laser maze. Beat the state-of-the-art laser security system as you attempt to steal a priceless artifacts before S.W.A.T. arrives! The only responsive and adaptive laser maze in the Treasure Valley!

Compete against yourself or a crew to get the High Score.

Steal various artifacts worth different amounts.

The more loot you get the higher your score.

Don’t trip a laser or lose points.

Collect to clues to break out the back and escape.

Steal as much loot as possible from the museum


laser maze square
Players : 1 to 2 or Competitive
Time : 5 minutes

"Holy Moly!" JJ - Yelp