Revolution Escape Room Nampa

Inspired by our founding fathers, Revolution tells the story of Washington’s spies operating under the nose of the Redcoats. Players must use their wits and stealth to infiltrate the quarters of a British officer and retrieve information vital to the Revolution.

It is the frozen winter of 1777. British troops, led by General Howe, have occupied Philadelphia and seek to crush the rebellious Sons of Liberty. The British will attack soon, but when and where?

General Washington’s spies, men and women known only as “The Six,” have conspired to steal the British battle plans before they attack. Somewhere in Howe’s quarters, the battle plans are hidden beneath layer upon layer of enigmatic puzzles and secrets.

Enter the hideout of The Six, and complete your induction into their ranks by proving you are clever enough to pull off the mission. Can you and your squad of would-be heroes solve the clues, join The Six, and steal the plans in time? The fate of the revolution and the future of our nation hang in the balance.

  • 2 – 8 players, 60 minutes game time

"Fantastic Live Action Escape Room!"

"You will love this, it was so fun, and we all came out feeling smart, and like we had done something really important, which we had. We found out that each one of us has great ideas! This is well worth the price, and the hour time was perfect, the excitement factor made it feel like a much longer game, but we were in and out on time, so we could each get to our next weekend activity. This is SO MUCH FUN-do it!!!"

- Margaret M., TripAdvisor Reviewer

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