Mutiny: A Pirate Themed Escape Game

Our newest game Mutiny, puts players in the boots of a crew betrayed by the greedy Captain Kane who is keeping all the treasure for himself. After finding the hidden cavern, players must prove themselves to be better pirates and outwit the captain, plunder the treasure, and hope they don’t get cursed!

Our game Blitzkrieg had been a crowd favorite since it was installed in 2015. We wanted an action adventure style game that would transport players to another time. After several years of becoming better at puzzle and set design we decided it was time to retire Blitzkrieg and bring a new and thrilling escape room game to Portland.

We had wanted to do a pirate game for some time but were not confident enough in our abilities to make this game the way we wanted to. We surprised ourselves and surpassed our own expectations this time. Focusing on a new design philosophy of removing as much text as possible and adding as many tactile puzzles as we could think of, we believe we have stumbled upon something very special.

Players will be find themselves forgetting to do puzzles as they admire the set and ignoring the set when they consume the puzzles. A game for all ages, with a little bit of spooky pirate atmosphere inspired by The Goonies, and Hook. Blending history and fantasy inspired by Treasure Island and Pirates of the Caribbean, Mutiny will be sure to please for years to come.

  • Up to 8 players, 60 minute game time, difficulty = moderate

"Played it with family - We Loved It!"

"Mutiny was a wild ride - we're coming back again!" - Tim S., Google Reviewer

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