What Is An Escape Room?

What Is An Escape Room?

An Escape Room is first and foremost a game. Think of being inside a movie or video game; players are put inside a room where they will find various clues that help them solve puzzles and challenges so that they can reach their goal. Each game has a different theme and story which influences it. One puzzle will help you solve the next and so on. Sometimes the puzzles will intertwine with one another and can range from breaking a secret code to analyzing scientific samples or uncovering a long lost secret!

Who Can Play?

Anyone! We have all age groups and experience levels come play with us. If you have a desire for fun and adventure this might be right up your alley. We are ADA compliant and there is no heavy physical activity, the games are based around puzzles and problem solving. You can visit our Facebook page and read our reviews to see what others had to say! If you are interested in booking a game for a special event we recommend booking a private game. We are also a popular option for various kinds of team building.

How Do I Get Started?

Its easy! First you will want to choose the game you want to play wither based on theme, skill level or both. Then go to our ticket calendar and find a date and time the game is available for you to book. Decide on whether you want to purchase individual tickets or a private game. Single tickets are more cost effective for groups of less than 6 but you may be joined by other players. Then buy your tickets and arrive 15 minutes early with a winning attitude and we will take care of the rest.

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