What Makes Labyrinth Different?

Our Players

“Is it fun?” That is the first question we ask about a game. When we are creating a  game, our biggest concern is will this be fun for our players. Can we transport them to another world and create a something that is challenging but also engaging. The other side of the coin is our excellent game hosts. Each game has a dedicated host that is in character throughout the game to provide advice and hints. Most of our players are new and we know that a new game can be intimidating. We take great care in making certain that no one feels lost.

Puzzle Quality

The second thing we ask ourselves is, “Does this puzzle make sense?” Our creative team is committed to creating puzzles that fit into the world of the game. Other games will buy puzzles and fit them into a theme or create a simple puzzle that is loosely tied to their game. When creating a game we find our inspiration from the theme and let that inspire the puzzle. In our mind having a puzzle that logically fits into the world we have created is paramount to a quality experience.


When we design our games the third thing we ask ourselves is, “What will the room look like?” We strive to provide a completely immersive game environment. Giving our players an escape from reality, so as soon as they enter their game they are transported to another world is a top priority. Live characters in game help to provide assistance and round out the game world. All of our designs and environments are inspired from specific real world locations or historical photos. We are more than a bit of paint and a trip to the thrift store.

"Most professional escape room I've been too!" Samantha H. : Google