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Be the hero of your own adventure!

Boise Reviews

By far the best rooms we’ve experienced. You made us laugh and made us feel part of the bigger Labyrinth family.

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Briana L.


This was our first time and we’re addicted! Such a fun hour with the family and our “travel agent” Alex was AWESOME! We will be back!

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Stacy B.


We have gone through several of the rooms and every time are blown away with the exciting clues and thoughtful setups. Highly recommend it!

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Darlene K

(Trip Advisor)

What is an Escape Room?

Escape rooms are an interactive experience like no other. The game’s goal is for you and your team to solve clues and discover secrets around various puzzles to win it all!

Who Can Play?

Labyrinth Escape Games is the perfect choice for everyone who loves puzzles and adventurous or scary stories. We have games that range from easy to challenging, so there’s something in the store, no matter your skill level!

Which Game Should I Play?

There are a lot of different themes and stories in the escape games. You’ll experience an adrenaline rush as you break codes, uncover hidden secrets, and find lost treasures! In an escape game at Labyrinth, you will become the hero of your adventure.

Escape Rooms Designed by Award Winners

Step into a world of limitless adventure with Labyrinth Escape Games. Our award-winning designers create pulse-pounding
games that will reward your curiousity and make you feel like a genius.

Top Rated Rooms in Boise

Van Helsing

Tomb of the Pharaohs

Gold Rush

Labyrinth Escape Games: A Challenge, A Thrill, A Lot of Fun

Experience our adventurous and exciting themed escape rooms in Nampa or Boise, each with its own unique challenges and puzzles. Can you solve the mystery and make your way out before time runs out? Whether you are a veteran at escape game challenges or it’s your first time, we’re the place to go if you’ve been looking for escape rooms. An exciting time awaits you at Labyrinth Escape Games.

Spend 60 minutes in Another World!

In an escape game at Labyrinth, you will become the ultimate hero of your own adventure!

Explore with a Group

Friends and Family Reunions

Looking for a fun and memorable activity to do with family and friends? Look no further than our escape games in Nampa or Boise! Whether you’re bonding over old memories or meeting new people, we guarantee that everyone will walk away smiling.

Birthday & Bachelor(ette) Parties

Want to add some excitement to a birthday, bachelor, bachelorette party? Then check out our escape games! They’re perfect for any age group and are 100% guaranteed to be a blast. You and your guests will be tasked with solving puzzles and riddles to escape the room before time runs out.

Team Building

Looking for a fun way to improve your company culture? Do your Boise team building at Labyrinth Escape Games. Corporate team-building doesn’t get any more exciting than this! Yes. You could go bowling. Again. Or you could become a pirate crew escaping a shipwrecked galleon on a jungle island.

Businesses love team building at Labyrinth

Our unique escape room challenges will test your intelligence, teamwork, and strategy skills. It’s the perfect way to bond with your team or celebrate a special occasion. Book now and see if you can solve the puzzles before time runs out!

Idaho’s only escape room and bar

Fun. Guaranteed.

Labyrinth Escape Games offers the perfect adventure for anyone looking for a thrilling escape. Our time-traveling adventures are always exciting and full of surprises, and we're proud to provide a guarantee that your adventure will be worry-free. If something goes wrong during your game, we'll cover the entire cost of your adventure. So come explore our escape rooms and enjoy a hassle-free experience!

Circumstances not covered by this guarantee include:

  • A pirate curse gone wrong.
  • A timeline anomaly.
  • Deletion from existence caused by an unexpected encounter with your great-great-great-grandparents.

All our adventures are Fair Play certified (read more about this certification) to provide you with adventures designed for FUN (not frustration!). If you've been looking for escape rooms, were the place to go; at Labyrinth Escape Games, we guarantee you a great time with our escape games!

Ready to get started? Book a Boise game or checkout our nearby Nampa Escape Room.

Why visit Labyrinth Escape Games?

Because you’ll have fun – we guarantee it. With intricately designed 4D sets, soundscapes, and professional lighting, our escape rooms allow our guests to become immersed in another world. Our one-on-one gamehosts, otherwise known as Travel Agents, are dedicated to guiding you though an experience that is literally out of this world. At Labyrinth, you will find Idaho’s ONLY escape room bar – which means that you can bring your drinks along as you adventure through your thrilling – or chilling – journey.


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