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Labyrinth Escape Games has been the ultimate destination for escape games since 2015. Our innovative games combine cutting edge technology and experiential storytelling to captivate, challenge, and thrill our guests. Stop looking for “escape rooms near me” and get started with us!

Labyrinth Escape Room

About Labyrinth Escape Games

At Labyrinth, our 22-time award-winning team of designers and production specialists combine decades of experience and diverse backgrounds to create unforgettable memories for everyone. Our escape rooms are designed to transport players to another world, engage their imaginations, reward their curiousity. Our two locations in Nampa and Boise, Idaho are perfect for team-building exercises, birthday parties, or a just a fun night out with friends.

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A Standard of Excellence

We take pride in our ability to provide guests with a truly thrilling and experience. We are committed to creating innovative challenges that captivate the imaginations of our guests.

Above the Competition

The award-winning Labyrinth team has produced over 70 games across the country, featuring some of today’s most creative and innovative young game designers. Our customers tell us that our escape rooms are like none other they’ve played before – you be the judge!

4D Experiences and New Technology

We plan to build on our success and bring our immersive escape games nationwide. By utilizing new technology and 4D dramas that are more engaging than ever before, we’ll bring you an unparalleled experience every time!

Meet Our Team of Innovators

Photo of Andrew Lind from Labyrinth Escape Games

Andrew Lind

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Matthew Lind

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Melanie Lind

Fun. Guaranteed.

Labyrinth Escape Games offers the perfect adventure for anyone looking for a thrilling escape. Our time-traveling adventures are always exciting and full of surprises, and we're proud to provide a guarantee that your adventure will be worry-free. If something goes wrong during your game, we'll cover the entire cost of your adventure. So come explore our escape rooms and enjoy a hassle-free experience!

Circumstances not covered by this guarantee include:

  • A pirate curse gone wrong.
  • A timeline anomaly.
  • Deletion from existence caused by an unexpected encounter with your great-great-great-grandparents.

All our adventures are Fair Play certified (read more about this certification) to provide you with adventures designed for FUN (not frustration!). If you've been looking for escape rooms, were the place to go; at Labyrinth Escape Games, we guarantee you a great time with our escape games!

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Fair Play Certified

We believe your money should buy you as much fun as you paid for. That’s why our games are Fair Play certified.

Want to Learn More About Our Escape Rooms?

Check out our FAQ section for all the details. Still have questions? No problem! Give us a call and we’ll be happy to chat with you about our escape rooms.

Escape Rooms Designed by Award Winners

Step into a world of limitless adventure with Labyrinth Escape Games. Our award-winning designers create pulse-pounding
games that will reward your curiousity and make you feel like a genius.

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