Mission: Blacksite

Number of players: 3-6
Theme: Spycraft

Congratulations, candidates… Your team has been selected for advanced training at Blacksite. Your first task is to disarm a bomb – with only five minutes before the countdown hits zero!

Be Part Of Your Own Action Movie

Once you enter our off-the-grid, top secret facility, you will have 60 minutes to demonstrate mastery in hand-to-hand combat, marksmanship, and more. You’ll be part of your own action movie for every adrenaline-filled moment!

Please Note:
Redesigned And Upgraded January 2022.
Best for action-movie aficionados or teams that want adrenaline-filled fun.

Notable Features
Lasers/Laser-emitting training weapons
Tunneling/crawling (required for one player)
Low-light situations
Simulated gunfire
Multilinear game flow

Choice For:

Small groups (3-6)

The perfect adventure for small groups of 3-6 players!

Fans Of Spy Movies

Do you love spy movies? If you’re a genre fan, then you’ll love this escape game!

High-Tech Puzzlers

This game is packed with high-tech puzzles that will test your abilities to the limit.


Read what our adventurers are saying about their fun experiences at Labyrinth Escape Games!

I have done more escape rooms in my life than I'd like to admit but Labyrinths Blacksite was unlike ANYTHING I have done before. Even my 70 year old father in law had a blast. Paige did a great job at the briefing and into game play. The room was unique and exciting! The rest of the building pulls you in from the moment you step through the front door. Great job, Labyrinth!

Testimonial Item

Ciara Krening


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