BLITZKRIEG A WWII Action Adventure Game

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    Before we designed escape rooms, many of us at Labyrinth grew up watching movies like The Dirty Dozen, Kelly’s Heroes, and The Great Escape – the kind of movies that our fathers introduced us to that celebrated the heroics of the men that John Wayne and Clint Eastwood portrayed. As we got older we learned more of the war’s context both in history class and on our own time. We soon found ourselves watching the stories in Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers and being moved in a different way. As we grew older we began to celebrate a different kind of hero in the likes of Alan Turing,  Churchill, the Tuskegee Airmen, Eisenhower, Roosevelt, and even Rosie the Riveter. 

    When we decided that we wanted to do an action adventure-style game, we chose WWII as our backdrop. It was important to us to be respectful of the subject material and do something interesting that our audience hadn’t seen before. We chose to focus on the Thule society which was a lesser known organization that is based around their belief in mysticism and the occult. They were a significant part of the war and the inspiration for movies like Indiana Jones, Captain America, and Hellboy.

    Our puzzles try to pull elements from the technology of the time – code breaking the enigma machine, interpreting troop movements, and raiding bunkers. Players are in search of a supernatural artifact called the Black Sun- a relic that provides an unlimited source of energy. Aided by the stalwart Sgt. Wells, players have 60 minutes to open a vault, defuse a bomb, and recover the artifact.

Solve Rate : 25%
Players : 4-8
Time : 60 minutes

"Blitzkrieg is the best game I've done" Craig W. : Facebook