A 30-minute express escape for up to 6 players!

"Best place in Idaho to do escape rooms! Lots of fun for everyone."

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- Mr. Edwards


escape the brig

& steal the treasure

Embark on a high-seas adventure in this fast-paced, 30-minute express escape! Travel to the golden age of piracy and escape the brig aboard a pirate ship (that’s a pirate jail cell, for you land-lubbers out there) before stealing the captain’s secrets and claiming the treasure for yourselves!


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embark on a high-stakes voyage on the high seas!

30-Minutes, $99!

Keep more pieces of eight in your wallet, and experience the only escape room in Boise that will shiver your timbers for such a sweet price!

Steal the captain's treasure

Steal the secrets to opening the captain’s massive treasure chest, and claim every gem, dubloon, and piece-of-eight for yourselves!

Fire away!

Complete with pirate flags, cargo nets, and even a working cannon (what?!) , this immersive pirate adventure will have you yo-ho-ho-ing long after you’ve won!

see inside the pirate ship

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How much does it cost?

This 30-minute express escape is only $99 per game! Bring up to 6 players – the price is the same!

Can I play this with 2 players?

If you want to! Expect a hefty challenge.

Is this game scary?

This adventure does feature moments of dim lighting, but it is not designed to scare you.

How hard is it?

For optimal gameplay experience, Mutiny is best suited for 3-4 experienced escapers, or for 5-6 new players!


For you puzzle-nerds or super-escapers out there, the game design is predominantly open, meaning your team will be able to choose whether you solve together or split up and tackle all the puzzles at once!

Is it ok for kids?

Absolutely! It is all-ages-friendly, meaning that while it is not designed for children, they are absolutely welcome and will have a fantastic time as part of your team. If any player is under 13, we do require an adult player with a ticket to accompany the team. 

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