First-Time Players: Come Play Excalibur at Labyrinth Escape Games!

Do you want to go into an escape room game, but you’re afraid you won’t be good enough? Do you think only people who have played these games before can excel? Well, you’re wrong! Many first-time players come to us and have a fantastic time. Excalibur is designed for players who have little to no experience in escape rooms, so don’t worry!

Actually, you don’t need any previous experience to play many of our escape games, and who cares? None of us were born experts! We all had to start somewhere. So, come and visit us at Labyrinth Escape Games in Nampa, ID, and have an amazing experience!


But, What Exactly Is Our Excalibur Game About?

Our Excalibur escape room game is full of adventure and puzzles meant for groups of around three to twelve people. In this game, your group will be trapped in a timeline disruption. You and your group will face an evil king that will claim the sword and destroy the timeline frame as we know it.

Through multidimensional travel, you’ll be sent back in time and have to fight against the king and get the sword before it’s too late. You’ll have 60 minutes to escape, find the sword, solve puzzles, and use teamwork to get out! The whole point of this game is to have fun, so even if you don’t escape in time, we promise you’ll still enjoy yourself.

Challenge Yourself & Get The Best Escape Room Experience!

Don’t hesitate; come and play Excalibur at Labyrinth Escape Games! With experience or mastering being unnecessary, this room is perfect for beginners. You and your group will enjoy yourselves while being sent back in time. We have the most innovative escape room games in Nampa.

Sounds like something you and your friends would enjoy, right? We hope to see you soon at Labyrinth Escape Games! Give us a call or book online to reserve your spot in one of our amazing escape room games. We can’t wait to see you solve the puzzles and escape in time!¬†