Enhance Team Building With Escape Room Games

Escape Rooms

Corporate team-building activities are usually done under the sun’s heat or answering a few get-to-know-me questions in the office. There was a time when these strategies were highly effective, but they became overly predictable and dull over time.

You’re probably wondering what else to do to pull your team together and foster a positive atmosphere as a team leader. When you’re handling a team of professionals, you will notice the amount of stress they undergo each day. A foolproof way to address this dilemma, build solid relationships and know a coworker is by arranging an escape room game outing. 


Why Escape Room Games?


Escape room games are more demanding than other team-building games because they challenge players to think proactively and work together to achieve a common goal: escape. 


How can it help your workers learn to work in teams?

  • Escape Room Team Building Exposes Strengths And Weaknesses: It forces players to step up to the challenge. Escape rooms are full of surprises that may reveal a player’s hidden quirks.
  • Makes The Players Communicate With Each Other: If your team isn’t regularly chatting or sharing ideas and strategies, you might want to make them bond to improve their communication skills. During escape room team-building activities, the players have no choice but to speak out as their ideas might be the key to solving the puzzle to get them out of the room. 
  • Enhances On-The-Spot Problem-Solving Abilities: No one can fully prepare for an escape room. Players will be challenged to solve problems they cannot qualify for beforehand. 
  • Improves Time Management Skills: Due to the time constraint, players are motivated to make do with the time they have and do their best to finish the game before time runs out!
  • Natural Leadership Skills Are Manifested: A team needs a leader who delegates tasks or splits them into pairs. This act will reveal the member with hidden leadership skills that can be used even in the corporate setting.
  • Creative Thinking Is Challenged: if the team is used to things being done in a certain way, this is an excellent way to make them think out of the box, look from a different perspective, and use new problem-solving strategies.

Labyrinth Escape Games will grow your team skills!

Escape room team-building activities have a lot to offer their players. Your team-building will be fruitful in an escape room, from improving existing skills to character growth and boosting company morale. 

We have the best corporate packages to buy at Labyrinth Escape Games in Nampa, ID. Our affordable prices will make you want to call us immediately. Motivate your team to work together and have fun while doing it.  


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