Enjoy Quality Family Time In An Escape Room Game

Quality family time is essential to make our relationships stronger. Sometimes it’s hard to find an activity that everyone will love. Escape rooms are the perfect solution: they provide hours of entertainment and fun while strengthening your bond with family members! 

Labyrinth Escape Games is the perfect spot to enjoy quality time with your loved ones in Idaho. Our escape games in Nampa and Boise, Idaho, are a great way to spend time together and make unforgettable memories! Visit us today for an exciting experience that you won’t forget!


Our Escape Rooms Are Perfect For Families

At Labyrinth Escape Games, we pride ourselves on providing an escape room experience perfect for families and friends. We have a wide range of rooms that are great for people of all ages, including some of the classics as well as our more challenging experiences. You can find our escape games in two locations, in Boise and Nampa, ID. 

Escape Rooms In Boise

– Tomb of the Pharaohs

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel back in time and explore the dusty sands of ancient Egypt? With our Tomb of the Pharaohs escape game, you can do just that! You’ll have to work together as a team to solve puzzles, defeat traps, and find your way into the Temple of Anubis. Along the way, you’ll encounter terrifying creatures like Anubis and other vengeful gods, so you’ll have to work together to survive.

-Gold Rush

This escape room takes you back to the exciting, gold-crazed days of 1871. Travel through the dusty and dangerous mines of Idaho in search of riches – but beware – Kanaka Jack is rumored to have hidden his cabin on top of a mine entrance, which means that you’ll need to be careful around every corner! Unlock the secret entrance to this hidden mine and claim its riches as your own, and you’ll be sure to have a great family experience!

Escape Rooms In Nampa

– The Ripper

 Want to test your wits against one of history’s most infamous serial killers? The Ripper escape room will transport you back to London, 1888 – when Jack The Ripper was on the loose and terrorizing the city. You’ll have to solve puzzles and explore dark alleys to uncover the truth behind Jack’s identity and escape with your lives before he strikes again!


 Do you have what it takes to save our timeline? In our Excalibur escape room, your team will have to travel back in time through a magical portal and work together to claim the legendary sword of King Arthur. With Merlin’s spells, quests from Arthur’s knights, and more challenging puzzles than you can count, this escape room is the perfect way to test your wits and bond with your family.

Book Your Next Adventure At Labyrinth Escape Games

Stressed from not being able to find the perfect activity to enjoy with your loved ones? Visit Labyrinth Escape Games today, and you’ll find the perfect adventure for your whole family! Our escape rooms offer a fun and exciting experience that keeps you on your toes. At Labyrinth Escape Games, we have a range of escape rooms and experiences that are perfect for everyone, no matter your age or interests. 

Whether you want to take on the challenge of The Ripper escape room or travel back in time in Excalibur, our escape rooms are sure to provide an unforgettable experience. You can find our escape games in Boise and Nampa, ID. So if you’ve been looking for “escape rooms near me,” look no further and reserve your spot with us! Start exploring the mysteries of ancient Egypt, or prove that you have what it takes to be the next action movie hero! We can’t wait to see you there.