Escape Room Games 101: Things You Need To Know

Escape Rooms


Escape rooms require you to solve hidden clues, crack complex codes, and solve challenging puzzles to escape. Everything you notice is a potential clue or puzzle that may be solved. But hurry, the minute you walk into the escape room, the clock starts ticking.


How Do I Play An Escape Room Game?


Escape rooms are games in which teams compete against one another. You and your teammates will be taken through time or space to a unique experience. After you’ve entered the game room, you’ll need to follow clues and solve challenging puzzles in a limited amount of time.


Each game has its narrative and goals; therefore, each is different. Clues might be anything as straightforward as a piece of paper or as subtle as the posture of a statue. Working collaboratively is critical to your success. There’s everything you’ll need to discover the secret in your specific room, so pay close attention to everything. 


Will I Be Safe? 


Yes, you will be safe in a room. Most rooms are supposed to be “locked” for 60 minutes or so. However, if you don’t like the idea of being locked for too much time, you will be able to leave the room from an emergency door. 


Most escape rooms will ask you to fill out a safety waiver. It is a friendly agreement to certify that you’ll hold the specific escape room company harmless should something out of the ordinary injures you or one of your teammates.


A Game For Every Age


Some adventures are meant for players over the age of ten, while others have age restrictions owing to subject or degree of difficulty. However, if a kid wants to participate, it must be under parent supervision. Escape games are for anyone who enjoys solving puzzles. Anyone with a sense of adventure will love an escape room game. 


How Do I Book Tickets? 


You can reserve an escape room game anywhere online. Another option is to go to the escape room to buy the tickets in person. We recommend you choose your date wisely because it’s challenging to reschedule the date at the last minute.


Labyrinth Escape Games Rule! 


Labyrinth Escape Games feature many different kinds of puzzles. They can be as simple as comparing other pictures and unscrambling letters to open a lock or as challenging as deciphering the instructions to defuse a bomb! 


Labyrinth puzzles are the best in town. They are designed by a team of puzzle architects in Nampa, ID. None of them are ever used twice. Having a variety of puzzle types ensures that every player can excel at something.



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