Treasure Valley


Experience a puzzle-filled adventure game inspired by the greatest minds in history.  Be transported into another world full of hidden clues, secret compartments, and high-tech surprises!


What are we really selling? The contagious, intoxicating feeling of success. Escape with us, and go home a happier, more connected, more inspired version of your true self.


Using top secret M.R.L.N. technology, we have unlocked the ability to travel through time and offer your team 60 minutes in another world! There isn’t a moment to waste! Channel your inner Sherlock Holmes, James Bond, and Indiana Jones as you become immersed in your adventure!


Journey back in time to Victorian London and discover the grisly truth behind the identity of Jack the Ripper!

*This game is not for the faint of heart and is limited to players age 13 and older. Parental consent required for any guests below the age of 18.*

In our newest game, adventurers will travel back through time to Victorian London where the infamous Jack The Ripper stalks his prey in the streets and alleys. Scotland Yard was never able to capture or even discover the true identity of Jack. Will you discover the grisly truth behind Jack’s identity and escape with your lives before you become his next victims?


Your team must once again travel back in time to preserve our very existence. Enter the M.R.L.N. portal and emerge into a shipwrecked pirate ship! Solve the mystery of a cursed treasure as you avoid the deadly traps and thrilling 4D storms of Skull Island. Step into the boots of history’s most infamous pirates as you plunder your way to freedom!


WARNING: timeline disruption detected! An evil king will claim the sword, Excalibur, and will destroy history as we know it – unless you can claim it first! Using highly-sophisticated multi-dimensional travel, your team will be sent back in time through a M.R.L.N portal and tasked with claiming the mystical sword of the legendary King Arthur, before it is too late! Encounter Merlin’s magical spells, complete the quests of Arthur’s Knights, and seize your chance to save our timeline!


Inspired by classic war movies and real life heroes, Operation Longbow is a fan favorite. In one hour, enemy forces will launch a top-secret weapon and destroy London! In order to save our timeline, your team will be sent back to the year 1945, and must break codes, defeat security systems, and ultimately, defuse the weapon before all hope is lost. Gather your squad and save the world!

“Nobody does it like these guys – our team had an absolute blast!”
Tim Sebring, Facebook Reviewer
“You will love this, it was so fun! We’re coming back soon.”
Margaret M, TripAdvisor
“The preparation, creativity, and attention to detail blew us away.”
Dennis G, Google Reviewer
“Win or lose, the experience of getting there is challenging and fun.”
Toby C, Yelp Reviewer

Labyrinth in Nampa, Idaho

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