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What could be more fun than willingly being trapped in a room? For us, absolutely nothing! Escape rooms are sweeping the nation with growing popularity because, well, they’re fun! Gather friends, family, coworkers, etc. and work together with critical thinking and code cracking skills to adventure through an interactive puzzle, but act fast- these rooms have clues hidden in every nook and cranny, but there’s also a clock ticking! You’ve only got 60 minutes to figure out how to escape that room! Our Portland escape rooms will test your knowledge, problem solving, and maybe even your relationships.Our escape rooms vary in difficulty, so whether you are a first time escaper, or a seasoned escaper, there’s a room for you! Which room will you try?


How Does It Work?


We will give you the backstory to your chosen room.

Next, search the room for any clues you can find.

Work towards the objective, such as breaking a curse or curing a disease.

But hurry… the clock is ticking! Escape in 60 minutes!


We have put a ton of thought and passion into our Portland escape rooms because our goal is to give our customers the best experience. You will find thrilling things such as hidden compartments and advanced technology, while stretching your brain muscles in ways you never have before! Our goal is to see you leave with a bigger smile on your face than when you arrived.

Something for everyone

Labyrinth gives you a new choice for interactive entertainment. Experience a puzzle-filled adventure game inspired by the greatest minds in history. Turn off the screens and step INTO the game! Be transported into another world full of hidden clues, secret compartments, and high-tech surprises!

Experience of a lifetime

The contagious feeling of success. We provide an immersive, exciting, thrilling experience for our customers. We want them to leave as a happier, more connected, more inspired version of themselves.

A Dream come true!

60 Minutes in another world… Become a Hero! There isn’t a moment to waste – your adventure will keep you guessing with devious surprises and cunning contraptions behind every turn! Channel your inner Sherlock Holmes, James Bond, and Indiana Jones as you become immersed in your adventure!


Based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic novel, this game is perfect for beginners.
In a race to save Dr. Jekyll’s life, players will need to gather their wits and combine the correct components to create an antidote that will rid the world of MR. HYDE once and for all.


Bravely enter the Pirate’s cove and follow the clues left by the crew to uncover the hidden treasure…
A swashbuckling adventure for all ages, with a little bit of spooky pirate atmosphere inspired by The Goonies, and Hook. Blending history and fantasy inspired by Treasure Island and Pirates of the Caribbean, Mutiny will be sure to please for years to come.


Long ago, King Arthur ruled his land with benevolence and wisdom. He banished darkness from his kingdom with the help of his knights and his sword Excalibur. When his reign was coming to an end he knew that evil would eventually return. When that time came a new ruler would be needed to protect his kingdom. He devised a series of tests for subjects to test their wits and resolve, and prove their worth to wield EXCALIBUR!

“Nobody does it like these guys – our team had an absolute blast!”
Tim Sebring, Facebook Reviewer
“You will love this, it was so fun! We’re coming back soon.”
Margaret M, TripAdvisor
“The preparation, creativity, and attention to detail blew us away.”
Dennis G, Google Reviewer
“Win or lose, the experience of getting there is challenging and fun.”
Toby C, Yelp Reviewer

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