Number of players: 3-12
Theme: Adventure / Puzzling

WARNING: timeline disruption detected! An evil king will claim the sword, Excalibur, and will destroy history as we know it – unless you can claim it first!

Time Travel Adventure: Your Mission to Save King Arthur

Using highly-sophisticated multi-dimensional travel, your team will be sent back in time through a M.R.L.N portal and tasked with claiming the mystical sword of the legendary King Arthur, before it is too late! Encounter Merlin’s magical spells, complete the quests of Arthur’s Knights and seize your chance to save our timeline.

Enjoy a Unique Adventure

Escape Into a New World

You’ll be transported into another world full of secret clues, crazy special effects, and high-tech surprises.

Great For First Time Escapers

This is a perfect choice for first-time escapers! With our easy-to-follow instructions, you’ll be solving puzzles and cracking codes in no time.

A New Experience

Experience something you never thought possible. We’ve created a way for your team to step into another world, 60 minutes in a new adventure!


Read what our adventurers are saying about their fun experiences at Labyrinth Escape Games!

We had a group of 7 in on New Years Eve and we had a blast! (4 adults and 3 kids ages 8-10) We did the Excalibur escape room and it was amazing. So interactive and challenging. Our “travel agent” was great, she made our experience so fun. Definitely recommend and can’t wait to come back for an adult date night and with the kids! New favorite activity!

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Tiffany Grimmett



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