Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about our escape rooms in our FAQ.

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This is my first escape room. Where do I start?

Welcome, traveler! We’re excited to have you join us.

1. Call your friends and decide when you want to come have fun!
2. Choose which escape game you want to play. You can be a pirate, a prisoner, an explorer, or a spy!

3. Arrive at Labyrinth for your adventure and have the most fun you could ever fit into 60 minutes.

It really is that simple!

We recommend Excalibur in Nampa or Gold Rush in Boise for our first time groups! However, there is something fun for everyone in each adventure! Check out our games pages for Nampa and Boise to explore all your choices!

How do I play an Escape Room Game?

You must be new here! Exciting!

We’re sure you have a lot of questions, maybe even some concerns, and we’re here to answer them all.

Maybe you decided to finally try this thing called an Escape Room. Or maybe you’ve been told “It’s so much fun!” but you’re a little suspicious. Or maybe, you are wondering, “What am I paying for, exactly?” 

Here at Labyrinth, we do things…differently. We like to say it’s the most fun you can legally have with $35 and 60 minutes. 

If you’ve heard of an escape room before, or experienced one somewhere else – just know, it won’t be like Labyrinth.

Labyrinth designs incredibly exciting adventures. Our creations have won awards in states all across the country. These aren’t puzzle rooms where the goal is to open a LOCKED DOOR (our doors are NEVER locked!), but an adventure you get to experience! You may find yourself pulling the sword Excalibur from the stone; Shipwrecked on a cursed jungle  island; running through the streets of London trying to capture Jack The Ripper, or evading booby-traps in an ancient Egyptian Tomb!

How do I reschedule or cancel my reservation?

If you would like to reschedule or cancel your reservation, you can do so by opening your emailed confirmation, and clicking MANAGE MY RESERVATION.

Need to reschedule? All reschedules must be done 72 hours before the scheduled game time.

Need to cancel? Reservations can be cancelled for any reason up to 4 hours prior to the schedule game time, for a 50% refund.

Do I need a reservation?

While we do accept walk-ins based on availability, we always recommend making a reservation! Reservations can be made by clicking BOOK NOW anywhere on our website.

How do I add travelers to my existing reservation?

You have even more friends? Who like you?! Cool! (And also, dang, we’re a little jealous.)


Adding more people to your existing reservation is EASY!

Since all of our adventures are private and exclusive to your group, you can always add more travelers –  up to each adventure’s maximum capacity! Please note: these capacities CANNOT BE EXCEEDED.

If you would like to take care of it before you arrive, give us a call at 208-999-3398 and we can help!

Or, when you arrive, simply let the front desk know you would like to add additional travelers to your reservation. Please arrive 15 minutes early, so we can complete everything before your time begins!

Is this fun for kids?

Yes! Young travelers LOVE our adventures! And you will love just how much they can participate.

Travelers under the age of 6 (ages 0-5) are not required to have a paid ticket. All travelers 6 and older can participate and are required to have a paid ticket.

Kids under 10 get $10 off the ticket price – just select the number of Kids when reserving your game.

If anyone on your team is under the age of 13, a responsible adult with a paid ticket is required to participate.

Please note – All of our adventures contain theatrical lighting and some loud elements. Though not intended to be scary, some young travelers may find these moments startling. Please consider your individual child before bringing them into the experience. We are unable to alter these elements.

Am I really going to be “locked in a room” for 60 minutes?

No, you will not be locked in your adventure. A locked door can be stressful for some, and we want to ensure that no one is left out of the fun! Our adventures are objective-based – you will find you are having too much fun breaking out of prison, claiming the sword Excalibur, or raiding a tomb!

Your travel agent will go over all safety rules and procedures before your adventure. You can always safely exit the room anytime, for any reason.

Will I be safe? If so, then why do I have to sign a safety waiver?

Absolutely! Your safety is our priority.

Yes, all Labyrinth guests must complete a safety waiver online, when scheduling, or in person on your game day. Our safety waiver is nothing more than a friendly agreement between you and us that we’re here to provide you with fun and safe entertainment and that you’ll hold us harmless should something out of the ordinary or out of our control injure you or one of your teammates.

What are the rules?

We are mind over matter at Labyrinth, so raw strength is unnecessary.

No forcing of game elements.

No outside tools (including flashlights).

Be respectful of other players.

You may not play inebriated.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

What kind of escape room puzzles can I expect?

Labyrinth experiences feature many different kinds of puzzles including: symbol-matching, book-ciphers, codes, 3-dimensional action puzzles, and team action tasks! The type, number, and difficulty level will vary depending on the experience.

Labyrinth puzzles can be as simple as comparing different pictures and unscrambling letters to open a lock or as challenging as deciphering the instructions to defuse a bomb! Our puzzle architects design Labyrinth puzzles and none are ever used twice. Various puzzle types ensure that each player can excel at something.

A good strategy is to focus on solving the types of puzzles that come naturally to you and trusting your team members to do the same. Use your strengths to your advantage!

Are these scary escape rooms? What kind of scares can I expect?

Most Labyrinth experiences involve elements of mystery or suspense but are not meant to be scary. RIPPER, available only in our Nampa location, is an adventure that features jump-scares, macabre story lines, startling elements and props that may disturb some participants.

How is Labyrinth different from other escape games?

At Labyrinth, you’ll be exploring and solving your way through history! Our puzzle designs (and stories!) are gleaned from history’s greatest inventors, authors, and most climactic chapters in technological advancement. We focus on authenticity at every step, asking, “WHY IS THIS THING HERE? AND WHY WOULD I DO THIS THING? DOES THIS MAKE SENSE?”

You will never experience a moment of “well, that makes no sense.” Unless you have a doctorate in a specific field, in which case, please try to have fun anyway. Your friends will like you more if you do, we promise.

Is there a bar or a restaurant we can go to before or after our game?

Absolutely! You can enjoy a cold drink in the Explorers Club at our Nampa location before, during, or after your game. We are in the downtown area for both our Nampa and Boise locations, and there are plenty of options.

We are just a few blocks away from all the popular offerings in Boise, and some of our favorites in Downtown Nampa are PreFunk, Messenger Pizza, Holy Cow Idaho, Mesa Tacos & Tequila, and Brick 29 Bistro.