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Isn’t it exciting when you win? Whether in a competitive sport, a board game with friends, or even something as simple as an online contest, winning feels terrific. And what better way to experience the thrill of victory than at Labyrinth Escape Games in Boise, ID? Here you can immerse yourself in a challenging and thrilling escape room experience.

At Labyrinth Escape Games, you can experience the rush of victory like never before. Whether you’re a competitive strategist or just looking for an exciting way to spend your day, we have something for everyone. Our escape rooms have intricate puzzles and riddles to challenge even the most hardened players. With multiple themed rooms and difficulty levels, there’s something for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Call us now!


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Labyrinth Escape Games is the place to go for a fun escape room experience in Boise, ID. Our rooms are designed with complex puzzles and riddles that will test your mental fortitude. Choose from our range of exciting themed rooms, including:

Tomb Of The Pharaohs

This escape game is filled with booby traps and ancient Egyptian gods that will put your problem-solving skills to the test. You must race against time to defeat the cursed tomb of an Egyptian pharaoh or risk unleashing terrible powers upon our world. Terrifying Egyptian gods guard the temple; this temple holds the mystical Eye of Anubis – an artifact of tremendous power and danger. Can you defeat the curse and save humanity?

Gold Rush

 In this escape game, you will go back to 1871, when Ada County was the site of a major gold rush. You must raid the Kanaka Jack cabin in search of a hidden mine filled with gold. But beware, the owner has booby-trapped the house to stop intruders from stealing his riches. Can you outsmart Kanaka Jack and claim the treasure for yourself?

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Playing escape room games can be pretty challenging, but they are also a lot of fun as you work together with your team to solve the clues and escape. Our escape room games in Boise, ID, are designed with various riddles and puzzles that will test your mental prowess and have you on the edge of your seat.

At Labyrinth Escape Games, our escape rooms are perfect for all players, from serious strategists to those just looking to have fun. Whether you choose the Tomb of the Pharaohs or the Gold Rush room, you are sure to have an exhilarating experience that is unlike anything else.