Labyrinth Escape Games Frequently Asked Questions

Escape rooms are team-based games. Your team will be transported through time (and space, if you count our lobby) into a unique adventure. Once inside the game room, you will follow clues and solve challenging puzzles within the time limit.

Everything you need to solve the game is in the room, so be observant and creative. Choose your teammates, choose your adventure, and book your tickets!

When you arrive at Labyrinth, your gamehost will quickly explain the safety rules and strategies for success. Then the game will begin! You will have 60 minutes to complete the adventure.

No. We are aware that not everyone is excited about being locked in a room and we want to make sure that no one is left out of the fun! Our games are objective based, so your goal could be to break a curse, cure a disease, or expose government secrets. You can always safely exit the room at any time, for any reason.

Reservations can be made by clicking GET TICKETS anywhere on our website! If you have a gift certificate, enter the redemption code in the “promotion” button near the top of the booking calendar. If you have a magical jumping leprechaun, please contact our security team for advice.

Unfortunately it is very challenging for us to reschedule at the last minute. We are 100% reservation based and we often sell out. We do not allow cancellations and all reschedules must be done 72 hours before the scheduled game time.

If any player under 13 is present, a parent must participate.

Anyone who is excited about playing a puzzle game will love it at Labyrinth! Our oldest player was 96 years and our youngest was 3 months. Plenty of families and generations have already played at Labyrinth.

Most adventures are designed for players aged 10+, though some have age restrictions due to content or difficulty. Please make sure to read the adventure descriptions for details and tips!

Just your sense of adventure! All the tools needed to solve the puzzles can be found in the room, including pencils and scrap paper. Lockers will be provided in the lobby, so that you can safely store your personal belongings before entering the room.

You should arrive 10 to 15 minutes early – that’s the best way to do it. We start on time, so if you need to use the restroom and get settled before you play arriving early is best.

Absolutely! Your safety is our priority.

Yes, all Labyrinth guests must fill out a safety waiver either online, when scheduling, or in person on your game day. Our safety waiver is nothing more than a friendly agreement between us and you that we’re here to provide you with fun and safe entertainment and that you’ll hold us harmless should something out of the ordinary or out of our control injure you or one of your teammates.

You and your team are placed in a room where there is a series of exciting and challenging puzzles. Your task is to find clues and solve the puzzles the reach your objective.

All games have a different story and different objective so each one is unique. Clues can be something as obvious as a piece of paper or as subtle as the way a statue is pointing. Working together as a team is paramount to your success.
The rules are very simple.
We are mind over matter at Labyrinth so raw strength is not needed.

No forcing of game elements.
No outside tools.
No phones.
Be respectful of other players.
You may not play inebriated.
We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

Labyrinth experiences feature many different kinds of puzzles: symbol-matching, book-ciphers, codes, 3-dimensional action puzzles, and team action-tasks! The type, number, and difficulty level will vary depending on the experience.

Labyrinth puzzles can be a simple as comparing different pictures and unscrambling letters to open a lock, or as challenging as deciphering the instructions to defuse a bomb! Labyrinth puzzles are designed by our team of puzzle architects, and none are ever used twice. Having a variety of puzzle types ensures that each and every player can excel at something.

A good strategy is to focus on solving the types of puzzles that come naturally to you, and trusting your team members to do the same. Use your strengths to your advantage! If your only strength is cartwheels, you may need to invite some smart(er) friends. Or play a circus-themed escape room.

Most Labyrinth experiences involve elements of mystery or suspense, but are not meant to be scary. Our Halloween themed experiences are the exception. This year’s Halloween room, JACK, available only in our Idaho location, is an adventure that features jump-scares and startling elements.

At Labyrinth, you’ll be exploring and solving your way through history! Our puzzles designs (and stories!) are gleaned from history’s greatest inventors and most climactic chapters in technological advancement. We focus on authenticity at every step, asking “WHY IS THIS THING HERE? AND WHY WOULD I DO THIS THING? DOES THIS MAKE SENSE?”

You will never experience a moment of “well, that makes no sense.” Unless you have a doctorate in a specific field, in which case, please try to have fun anyway. Your friends will like you more if you do, we promise.

Absolutely. We are in the downtown area for both our Nampa and Portland locations and there are plenty of options. Here are a few of our favorites in Nampa: Pre Funk, Messenger Pizza, Flying M Coffee Garage, and Brick 29 Bistro.

And in Portland, we are in the historic Pearl District and there are plenty of options. Here are a few of our favorites: Brix Tavern, Rogue Ales, Tilt, Pho Van Fresh, and Cool Moon Creamery.