Operation Longbow: A WWII Action Adventure Game

September 1944: Axis powers have successfully weaponized a terrifying new long range threat to the entire globe. Allied intelligence officers work day and night to decrypt classified reports from a top secret source within the enemy command, and learn that they intend to launch the weapon within the next day. With time running out, your team of highly trained commandos has been paradropped behind enemy lines with only an hour to spare. You must infiltrate the silo and stop the launch.

Your mission: complete the series of overrides within the silo to short-circuit the emergency doors, decrypt enemy communications, and disarm the weapon by seizing its fuel cell.

You will encounter clever codes, outwit the military strategies of the enemy, and race against the clock to win the war and save the country in this adventure inspired by the heroic sacrifice and daring of the soldiers of WWII.


Designer’s Note:

The design for this adventure required us to source some incredible antiques and replica items – including a phone salvaged from inside a German bunker, along with replica weapons and equipment from the era. The blockbuster feel was inspired by great WWII films like OPERATION CROSSBOW, the real-life operation that served as the basis for this game.

SAFETY: for your safety, and to ensure you have an incredible experience, please note the following.

  • No heels or open-toed shoes.
  • The game effects include spotlights, artificial smoke, high velocity fans, battlefield sound effects, electrical sparks, and combinations thereof.
  • The environment is dim, though players needing assistance will be equipped with a flashlight.
  • Due to content, no players under 10 are permitted to participate.
  • 4 – 8 people, 60 minutes play time

"Longbow: Such a blast!"

"Our team of attorneys loved the experience, we finished with 1 minute to spare. Put your thinking hats on and enjoy. Great staff, very accommodating! Highly recommend for team building or with friends." - Annette D., at Nike

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