Investigate The Secrets In The Tomb Of The Pharaohs

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Transport Yourself To Ancient Egypt With Our New Escape Game

Tomb of the Pharaohs is our newest escape room in Boise, and it promises to transport you back in time to the dusty sands of ancient Egypt. This incredibly intense game is perfect for experienced players looking for a challenge and is packed with terrifying Egyptian gods, traps, and puzzles that will test your wits to the max. The game is designed for up to 6 players and is perfect for team-building events or a fun evening with friends.

The game is about an abandoned archeological site that an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh cursed. You and your fellow players will have to work together to solve the puzzles, defeat the traps, and find a way to open the entrance to the Temple of Anubis. Along the way, you’ll encounter terrifying creatures like Anubis himself and other vengeful gods from Egyptian mythology.

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