Know Your Role In A Escape Room Game!

Escape Rooms

Riddles, puzzles, and clues are all fun activities with your friends. If you’re looking for something more challenging and thrilling, an escape room is the perfect way to bond with your closest buddies. Escape rooms are becoming increasingly popular as they provide a unique experience for people of any age or background.

Since escape rooms are interactive team games, it’s-assigning roles and responsibilities to your group is essential. That can help ensure everyone is on the same page and working together efficiently. If you want to know more about the roles that should be assigned in an escape room game, read on!

4 Types Of Roles You Can Play In An Escape Room

The Organizer

The organizer is the person who will ensure everyone works together as a team. This person will assign tasks to group members and ensure everyone works on the right jobs. This person should also keep track of time and ensure the team is within the allowed time limit.

The Researcher

This person will research clues or hints from the escape room game host. The researcher should be analytical and have an eye for detail. They should be able to quickly identify patterns and think outside the box to decipher any hidden messages or symbols.

The Time Keeper

The timekeeper ensures the team progresses within the allowed time limit. They should remind everyone periodically of their time and ensure everyone remains on task. This person should also be aware of the rules and regulations set by the escape room host.

The Puzzle Pro

This person is the problem solver of the group and should have a knack for puzzles. They should be able to think logically to solve any challenges faced. The puzzle pro will also help decipher any written clues, codes, or numbers that may appear during the game.

Get Your Escape Room Adventure Started!

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