Conspiracy: A Modern Paranoid Thriller Game

One of the offerings we wanted to have in Portland was a more modern escape game. We are big history buffs and a lot of our games reflect that. The challenge of generating puzzles using more modern technology was something we were very excited about.

Our fans had also expressed a desire for a more challenging room. It is a delicate task creating puzzles and tasks for multiple experience levels. After a year and a half there was a need for an advanced-level escape room.

When creating a new game, we spend quite a bit of time discussing what themes we are excited about. Conspiracy spawned from the atmosphere that we wanted to create inside the game. An X-Files style feel was a design aesthetic that got us really pumped.

It was a game that we would want to play. Movies like Conspiracy Theory, JFK, Capricorn One, and Enemy of the State were very influential when we were designing the game.

There was a conscious decision made to try and create more physical than digital puzzles. Hacking and computers can be very exciting; however, we are adamant about the idea of having physical interactions in our games.

A kinetic response to a machine is very exciting. We spend so much time on our phones and computers that a tangible interaction is a welcome change. That philosophy is a huge part of our mission statement as a company and something we try to incorporate into every game that we do.

  • 4 – 8 players, 60 minute game time, 19% solve rate

"Well thought out with a surprise ending!"

"The Conspiracy room was a great design with original puzzles that really embraced the theme." - Tyler R. : Trip Advisor

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