Labyrinth Escape Games was founded with the goal of bringing people together to experience something truly unique. Escape rooms have been a global phenomenon since the late 2000s and in America since 2012.  Since 2015 Labyrinth has been providing high quality escape games in the Pacific Northwest, and licensing games to over ten cities throughout the rest of the country.

Combining their appreciation of history and love of fun Andrew Lind and Vincent Stevens began their business with a simple idea, “Lets do it better.” Striving to bring one of a kind experiences to their players, the pair have surrounded themselves with some of the most creative and innovative young game designers and business minds in the business. 

With overwhelming success and fan feedback Labyrinth has been blessed with the ability to grow. A new location will open in Boise, Idaho during the summer of 2018, and Labyrinth promises to bring its distinct brand of escape rooms to as many time zones as possible.  

Vincent Headshot
Vincent Stevens

Hailing from Estacada, Oregon, Vincent has applied his construction and mechanical knowledge to creating some of the most immersive and fully realized escape rooms in the country.

andrew headshot
Andrew Lind

After serving in the US Army Andrew co-founded Labyrinth bringing his out of the box thinking to game design. Always looking for new ideas and opportunities Andrew has created a top notch team around himself.

matthew pilot copy
Matthew Lind

With a background in law enforcement and aviation logistics Matthew has a unique perspective and is lending his expertise to make certain Labyrinth runs smoothly behind the scenes.

doug headshot
Doug Whitley

Native of South Carolina Doug has degrees in mathematics and computer science. Detail oriented and extremely clever Doug is an integral part of the team. 

dan headshot
Daniel Smith

Born in the mountains and raised internationally, Daniel’s background in theatre and business is remarkably well suited to the escape room industry.