HYDE A Victorian Mad Scientist Game

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    The creation of HYDE is the culmination of a lot of little ideas that we wanted to play with, combined with a lot of other little ideas we had, once we started experimenting. When discussing replacing INHERITANCE, we knew we wanted an escape room with a similar atmosphere, but going back in time a bit further to the Victorian era. We love history and by looking at literature of that time for inspiration we have come to realize that has influenced all of our games until this point. The idea of pulling some themes from the Classics written by master storytellers was very exciting for us.

    Several of the options available to us seemed very obvious in terms of their compatibility with puzzles. We liked the idea of the classic monster tales and we lean towards the underdogs as a general rule. When we spoke about The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, we realized that none of us had read it but were very familiar and interested in the theme – duality and the monster inside of us all. There was also an excellent story that we could tell in game – a man who slowly loses himself in his work.

    After reading the novel, we began to study the Victorian age to get ideas for how we could flesh out the hobbies of a reasonably well-to-do doctor of the time. The idea of a gentleman who is obsessed with the natural world of plants and animals, along with chemicals, really jumped out to us as an interesting idea with lots of possibilities for puzzles. To elaborate on the creation of the game anymore would be to get into spoiler territory. This is a game that we are very proud of and excited to have you play.

Solve Rate : 31%
Players : 4-6
Time : 60 minutes

"The new Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde game was fantastic!" Erica M. : Facebook