Number of players: 2-8
recommended team size: 4-6

Warning: flashing lights, fog, low doorways, 4D effects

Travel back in time to the age of cursed treasure, island gods, and back-stabbing pirates!

So much fun! I’ve been here twice and both times were epic! This time we did Shipwrecked, and it was awesome! I love what an immersive experience this place is! Very friendly and professional staff as well. It’s my favorite escape room place I’ve been to!

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Solve the Cursed Treasure’s Mystery

Escape a shipwrecked Pirate galleon and solve the mystery of a cursed treasure as you avoid the deadly traps and thrilling 4D storms of Skull Island. In this exhilarating game at our Nampa escape room, you’ll plunder your way to freedom before time runs out!

Choice For:

Escape Into an Immersive Journey

Our rooms are full of secret clues, crazy special effects, and high-tech surprises that will leave you amazed and breathless.

Be the Hero of Your Adventure

You’ll have a blast with us, and you can be the hero of your own adventure while feeling the thrill of victory

Travel to Another World

You don’t want to miss out on this! We’ve developed top secret technology that allows you and your team the opportunity to explore other worlds for 60 minutes.


Read what our adventurers are saying about their fun experiences at Labyrinth Escape Games!

My family and I have been to upwards of 15 escape rooms in several states. Labyrinth in Nampa, ID is the BEST one we’ve ever been to. The experience begins the moment you walk in. The place is beautifully decorated throughout. We did the shipwrecked room. It was the most well decorated room we had ever scene. The puzzles in the room were complex in design but reasonably solvable. There were some really cool special effects as well. The staff was also amazing. I can’t say enough about this place. Fantastic!

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Brian Stampfl



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