Take Part In Labyrinth’s Explorers Club In Nampa, ID

Do you want to have a great time with your friends, family, or colleagues? Do you want to take a break from your everyday life? If so, Labyrinth Escape Games is the place for you! We are Idaho’s ONLY escape room, offering our guests a unique experience.

Our games are perfect for all ages, and we have a variety of drinks and snacks available to complement your visit. Why not visit us today? We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed!


Our Escape Room Games Take You On A Journey To Another World!

Choose from our multiple escape room games in Nampa, each with its unique theme and challenge.

Shipwrecked: In our Nampa escape room, you’ll quickly solve the mystery of a cursed treasure as you avoid deadly traps and 4D storms of Skull Island. With only limited time, escape a shipwrecked pirate galleon to freedom!

Excalibur: Your team will be transported back in time through an M.R.L.N portal to retrieve King Arthur’s mystical sword before it’s too late! Encounter and break Merlin’s spells, complete quests with Arthur’s knights, and save our timeline while you’re at it.

The Ripper: Join us on a suspenseful journey to London, 1888 – the time of Jack The Ripper. You will explore the gritty streets and alleyways in search of clues to reveal his true identity before you become his next victim! 

This game is full of scares, surprises, and shocks that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

Prisoner 17: Travelers, we are sending you on a journey with nearly impossible odds! Your team will travel back in time to escape prison. That’s right, the one that nobody has ever escaped from before. 

You know which one we’re talking about- the gigantic, frightening supermax with the eerie name in the middle of nowhere.

Blacksite: The first challenge is to disarm a bomb before the countdown reaches zero – good luck! In this escape room, you will experience intense training.

An Exciting Destination Made To Fit Your Interests

At Labyrinth Escape Games, we’ve thought about the whole picture. We go beyond offering you exciting, one-of-a-kind escape rooms; we also offer: 

A Full Variety Of Drinks + Snacks

Enjoy a variety of drinks (both soft and adult beverages) and snacks. At the same time, you solve the puzzles in our escape rooms. Perfect to have a chill night!

Split Payment Option

Have a big group? No problem! We offer the option to split the payment for your visit.

Family-Friendly Environment

Our escape rooms in Nampa offer fun for all ages! Bring your family along for a night of exciting problem-solving and bonding.

Team Building

Our escape rooms offer the perfect opportunity to work together and improve communication skills.

Ready For A Night Full Of Adventure? Come To Labyrinth Escape Games!

Labyrinth Escape Games is the place for you if you want to have a good time and solve puzzles with friends while trying to escape a room. We offer different escape room games, drinks, and snacks for a great night out.

Stop searching for “escape room near me” – come visit us in Nampa, ID, today! Trust us, and you won’t be disappointed. See you soon at Labyrinth Escape Games!