The Different Themes In An Escape Room

Escape Rooms

If you’re looking for an exciting new activity with your friends, look no further than escape room games. These physical puzzle games are becoming increasingly popular, and for a good reason – they’re a lot of fun! 

But if you’ve never been to one, you may wonder what to expect. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the different themes and difficulties available in escape rooms so that you can choose the best game for you. 

Escape Room Themes

One of the most exciting things about escape room games is the different available themes to play in. Each room provides an immersive experience with themes to make for a unique experience whenever you want to play. Let’s look at some fun themes that escape games can offer. 

Historical Fantasy Themes

This is a great option for history buffs or those who enjoy a good fantasy story. With this theme, you can enter into a world of make-believe and solve puzzles that take you back in time. 

You could be in medieval times completing quests, fighting with swords, and learning about magical spells. This light-hearted theme is perfect for beginners since it tends to offer fun beginner-friendly puzzles. 

Spy Mission Themes

A fun theme to try out if you’re into action-packed movies is a spy-themed room. You’ll be able to do different exciting activities such as disarming bombs, crawling in tunnels, simulated gun fights, and more! If you’re into adrenaline-filled fun, this type of room is an excellent choice. 

Murder Mystery Themes

This room is perfect for those who enjoy a little bit of suspense. You and your fellow detectives will have to use your smarts to figure out who did it before time runs out. These rooms are perfect for groups who love problem-solving. Note that because of the theme, some of these rooms may have an age limit and require parental permission if you’re under 18, as they may have graphic displays of gore or other scary elements. 

Pirate Themes

If you’re a fan of pirates, this escape room theme is for you! Travel back to a time when hunting for treasures and avoiding enemies was a daily task. This room usually has a lot of physical activity as you and your team will be swabbing the decks and looking for hidden compartments.

Difficulty Levels

When choosing an escape room, you’ll also want to consider the difficulty level. Most places offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced options. 

Beginner – Great for first-timers or those who don’t like feeling too challenged.

Intermediate – Perfect for those who want a little more of a challenge.

Advanced – These rooms are not for the faint of heart! Only choose this option if you’re up for a real challenge. 

Book Your Next Escape Room Adventure

Now that you know more about escape rooms, it’s time to choose one and get started on your next adventure! At Labyrinth Escape Games in Nampa, ID, we offer a variety of themed rooms. Remember to book ahead, as these games can be quite popular. 



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