What Kind Of Player Are You In An Escape Room?

Escape Rooms

When you’re playing in an escape room as a team, one of the keys to success is recognizing each individual’s distinct personality and abilities they can bring to the table.  Understanding individual strengths and weaknesses can maximize your chances of escaping the room quickly. So if you are planning an outing with your friends or family members and don’t know what kind of player you are in an escape room, read on to find out! 


What Role Matches With Your Skills?

  • The Leader 

This person is a natural-born leader and will often be the one to make decisions and coordinate activities. They ensure everyone knows their role, stay focused, and motivate them through the game. The skills that this role requires are organization, problem-solving, and communication.

  • The Wallflower 

This person usually doesn’t take an active role but still contributes to the team by searching for clues or providing moral support. They are often quiet and patient, so they can notice details others miss. The skills that this role requires are observation and patience.

  • The Communicator 

This person is naturally gregarious and loves to talk. They will speak the most during the game, asking questions and explaining clues to other players. The skills that this role requires are communication, creativity, and logic.

  • The Scavenger  

This person is a natural problem solver and loves to find solutions. They love puzzles, so they will find clues, solve riddles, and crack codes. The skills that this role requires are logic, pattern recognition, and deduction.

  • The Organizer 

That is the person who makes sure everyone is on task and focused. They are great at keeping track of objects, clues, and time. The skills that this role requires are memory, organization, and attention to detail.

  • The Peacekeeper  

This person will ensure arguments don’t arise and everyone’s opinion is heard. They are great at finding common ground and will be the one who finds solutions to disagreements. The skills that this role requires are diplomacy, negotiation, and teamwork.


Enjoy The Adrenaline & Avoid The Stress

To learn how to be an intelligent player and optimize your time in an escape room, you must know each person’s role to work together efficiently. With good coordination and understanding of individual roles, the chances of succeeding are greater. At Labyrinth Escape Games, we understand how frustrating it can be when you don’t know what to do once the game starts. 


We design our escape room games to be a unique experience for all players, no matter their level of expertise. Join our daring escape rooms in Nampa or Boise, ID, for an exhilarating adventure! Our dedicated team ensures every moment counts as you race against time. Book a session now for a guaranteed unforgettable, thrilling game experience!



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