Van Helsing: Monster Hunter

Number of players: 4-6 Travelers


A mysterious quest of monstrous proportions! 

"Best place in Idaho to do escape rooms! Lots of fun for everyone."

Testimonial Item

- Mr. Edwards


Discover the secret of eternal life

Labyrinth Agent and famed monster hunter, Dr. Abraham Van Helsing, has summoned you to his timeline on urgent business. Explore the dark experiments of Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory, creep through the candlelit castle of Count Dracula, and wield the power of the undead in this unexpectedly hilarious and spooky mystery game that will leave you laughing and screaming for more!


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Enter a World Filled With Spooky Surprises in a Hilarious Adventure!

Live your own monster movie

Come face to fang with Count Dracula and bring Dr. Frankenstein’s monster to life!

A Fun & Spooky Game

You’ll be aided by the talking head, iGOR, and with plenty of spooky surprises along the way – you’ll never know what’s going to happen next!

Challenging Adventure

The puzzles are challenging but cleverly designed, providing the perfect level of difficulty for escape game fans.

see inside the world of van helsing

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How much does it cost?

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Can I play this with 2 players?

Unfortunately not – this game requires a team of 4-6 travelers!

Is this game scary?

This adventure does feature moments of tension, darkness, surprise, and one or two jump scares! It is not recommended for players under the age of 13. 

How hard is it?

For optimal gameplay experience, the world of Van Helsing is best suited for 3-4 experienced escapers, or for 5-6 new players!


For you puzzle-nerds or super-escapers out there, the game design is predominantly linear, meaning your team will be working on the same puzzles together for a majority of the adventure. 

Is it ok for kids?

Due to some violent imagery and moments of shock or surprise, this adventure is best suited for travelers aged 13 and older. 

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