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Experience an excitement-filled adventure game in real life. Our escape rooms transport you into another world full of secret clues, crazy special effects, and high-tech surprises!


What are we really selling? The thrill of victory! Escape with us, and experience your chance to be the hero of your own adventure!


Using top secret M.R.L.N. technology, we have unlocked the ability to travel through time and offer your team 60 minutes in another world! There isn’t a moment to waste! Channel your inner Sherlock Holmes, James Bond, and Indiana Jones as you become immersed in your adventure!


Congratulations, candidate. Your team has been selected for advanced training at Blacksite.

Once you enter our AI-controlled, top secret training facility, you will have 60 minutes to demonstrate mastery in hand-to-hand combat, marksmanship, infiltration, bomb defusal, and more.

Evade machinegun turrets, disable security networks, disarm explosives, and race to complete your training before your team is terminate!. Failure will result in permanent deletion from our timeline, and Labyrinth will disavow any knowledge of your previous existence.

Please Note:


Best for action-movie afficionados or teams that want adrenaline-filled fun.

Best Choice For:

Small groups (3-6)
Fans of spy movies
Video Gamers
High-tech puzzlers

Notable Features

Lasers/Laser-emitting training weapons
Tunneling/crawling (required for one player)
Low-light situations
Simulated gunfire
Multilinear gameflow

Nightwalker 1944


⚠️ CAUTION ⚠️ This is a dangerous mission. You may be exposed to the zombie virus. If you do not correctly identify the antidote compound in time, you will be lost and there is nothing your Labyrinth travel agent can do for you. For this reason, we recommend this mission for travelers 13 and older.

Your team will be sent back to…OCTOBER, 1944. A zombie apocalypse has destroyed our present world, and humanity can only be saved by traveling back to the past – to when we believe the virus was first created. Your team must infiltrate an enemy medical research facility under cover of darkness and come face to face with the truth behind the terrifying zombie soldiers…before you are exposed and become one of them!

Discover the cure, escape with your lives, and SAVE OUR WORLD!

Best Choice For:

Fans of zombie movies
History/WWII buffs

Notable Features

Some jump scares/moments of tension or fear
Low-light/No-light situations
Multilinear gameflow

OPENED September 2021.


WARNING: timeline disruption detected! An evil king will claim the sword, Excalibur, and will destroy history as we know it – unless you can claim it first! Using highly-sophisticated multi-dimensional travel, your team will be sent back in time through a M.R.L.N portal and tasked with claiming the mystical sword of the legendary King Arthur, before it is too late! Encounter Merlin’s magical spells, complete the quests of Arthur’s Knights, and seize your chance to save our timeline. This game is PERFECT for first-time escapers!



Travel back in time to the age of cursed treasure, island gods, and back-stabbing pirates! Escape a shipwrecked Pirate galleon and solve the mystery of a cursed treasure as you avoid the deadly traps and thrilling 4D storms of Skull Island. In this exhilarating game at our Nampa escape room, you’ll plunder your way to freedom before time runs out!


“Nobody does it like these guys – our team had an absolute blast!”
Tim Sebring, Facebook Reviewer
“You will love this, it was so fun! We’re coming back soon.”
Margaret M, TripAdvisor
“The preparation, creativity, and attention to detail blew us away.”
Dennis G, Google Reviewer
“Win or lose, the experience of getting there is challenging and fun.”
Toby C, Yelp Reviewer

Nampa Escape Rooms

When it comes to an escape room adventure, you want a truly unique experience. At Labyrinth Escape Games in Nampa, we pride ourselves in creating some of the most innovative escape rooms, unlike any you’ve played before. We continue to push the limits of what’s possible by experimenting with exciting new advancements and 4D technology to create our truly one-of-a kind games.

Wondering about our escape rooms in Nampa? While participating in our 60 minute team-based games, you’ll be transported through time, searching for clue after clue and solving exciting puzzles along the way. You’ll encounter secret compartments and high-tech surprises as you make your way through each adventure. The success of your team lies in the ability to work together, as you encounter everything from obvious clues, like an ancient scroll, to those that are more subtle, like the direction a statue is pointing. At Labyrinth Escape Games, your adventure might include puzzles with symbol-matching, ciphers, codes, or team-based action tasks. The difficulty level varies depending on the game, and a good team strategy is for each team member to solve the type of puzzle within the game that comes naturally.

Sound tempting? Challenge yourself to complete any of our unique adventures by channeling your inner detective—think James Bond, Sherlock Holmes, or Indiana Jones. Our award-winning team is comprised of the most creative and innovative young game designers the industry has to offer, so we can proudly bring you the best game experience possible. Escape the everyday by joining us for the most unique escape room adventure in Nampa.