Live The Best Escape Room Experience In Boise, ID

Do you enjoy being challenged and working with friends or family to solve a fun puzzle? If so, you’ll want to check out Labyrinth Escape Games in Boise, ID. We offer the best escape room experience that is perfect for any group size.

Recently, we opened our doors in Boise and are excited to give everyone an amazing escape room experience. Whether you’re looking for something fun to do with your friends or want to take your family on an adventure, we’ve got the perfect game for you!


Gold Rush – Our Featured Game

 One of our most popular games is Gold Rush, where players are transported back to the era of gold mining in the 1800s. As a group, players must find their way out of an abandoned mine before time runs out and they become trapped forever.

Players will feel transported away at our Gold Rush game, engaging their imagination like never before.

Not Convinced Yet? Here’s Why We’re The Best Escape Room

An Unbelievable Experience

Our escape rooms offer an unbelievable experience where players must work together to solve clues and puzzles to complete the game. Our escape rooms enhance communication between players and encourage them to think outside the box to escape in time. 

Recreation For Everyone

 They are perfect for friends and families and can also be a great team-building activity for work colleagues. They provide the perfect opportunity to bond with coworkers and build relationships that will last long after you’ve escaped the room.

Split Payment Available

We offer split payment, making it easier for larger groups to pay individually. 

A Challenging Escape Room You Should Experience in Boise, ID

 If you’re looking for a fantastic escape room in Boise, ID, look no further than Labyrinth Escape Games. Our games are perfect for any group size and provide a challenge that will have you working together to solve clues and puzzles.

We offer split payment, making it easier for larger groups to pay individually. Our Gold Rush game is one of our most popular. With our vast experience and differing backgrounds, we have designed unforgettable escape room experiences. Stop looking for an “escape room near me” and come live the experience at Labyrinth Escape Games.