Prisoner 17

Number of Players: 2-8
Theme: Easy/Fun

Here’s the situation, travelers: we’re sending you on a mission with next-to-impossible odds. Your team will be sent back in time…to escape prison. Yes, you guessed it, it’s the one nobody has ever escaped from. You know the one. The huge, scary supermax with the creepy name in the middle of nowhere.

Keep Your Head Down, Mouth Shut, And Soap Firmly in Hand

There definitely won’t be an escape plan behind the poster in your cell. No obvious hatch covering an even more obvious sewer pipe. No tools will help you open the hatch, and no prison workshop would even have those tools in the first place. If, and that’s a HUGE “IF,” you could even find the key to escape your cell, you’d probably have to still break into the security room, and that’s practically impossible. You’re better off keeping your head down, your mouth shut, and your soap firmly in hand.

Notable Features
4D special effects (fog, water, scents)
Low-light situations
Crawling (required for one player)
Multilinear game flow
Multiplayer finale
Unlimited hints
Dedicated game host
Fair Play certified

Choice For:

Small groups (3-6)

The perfect adventure for small groups of 3-6 players!

Fans of Prison Escape Movies

This escape game will take you on a journey through some of the best movies about prisons.

Video Games

The video game enthusiasts will find this escape room to be the most enjoyable of all options.


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By far the best rooms we’ve experienced. You made us laugh and made us feel part of the bigger Labyrinth family.

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Briana L.


This was our first time and we’re addicted! Such a fun hour with the family and our “travel agent” Alex was AWESOME! We will be back!

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Stacy B.


We have gone through several of the rooms and every time are blown away with the exciting clues and thoughtful setups. Highly recommend it!

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Darlene K

(Trip Advisor)


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